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Mad Max Style Photoshoot With CheetahStand Deep Para RiceBowl-120 And PCB Einstein640

Summer 2015... I came back to Viet Nam to visit my parents and friends. It was a vacation so I spent most of time for meeting people, relaxing, eating my favorite foods, etc... but not for shooting. One day, while having breakfast and coffee with some fellow photographers in HCM City, we were talking about Mad Max the movie and I said: "how about we shoot a concept based on Mad Max style". Everyone said YES.

You know, in Viet Nam, everything is much easier for me when I needed anything. After I described my concept, my friends started calling around for designer, model, props and also locations. Finally, we've got Thi Pham, a professional model in HCM City. And from there, Thi Pham contacted one of her favorite designers. The designer said he needs a few hours to "turn" a regular leather bikini into a costume just like in the movie. Meanwhile, my friend found a custom motorcycle and it looks exactly what we needed. We've got a couple of locations to choose from and end up with the construction site under the bridge.

Before coming back Viet Nam, I just started using CheetahStand RiceBowl-120 deep parabolic softbox and I really love it. So I brought a couple of the RiceBowl-120 to Viet Nam for my friends. This photoshoot was the very first one using the RB-120 in Viet Nam. I used it with Paul C. Buff Einstein-640, my favorite flash unit of all time. And like usual, I shoot with Canon 5D3 and Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM.

The Setup

In this setup, I used two lights. The main light (Einstein + RB-120) was on camera right, 45 degrees angle to the model. The kicker light (Einstein + 8' Reflector) on the other side, behind the model.

Paul C. Buff Einstein E640 and CheetahStand RiceBowl-120

The Result

Canon EOS 5D Mark III EF24mm f/1.4L II USM - ƒ/13 - 1/125 - ISO100

Canon EOS 5D Mark III EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM - ƒ/14 - Focal 70 mm - 1/160 200

If you have any question, feel free leave it in the comment section down below

Thank you for reading.

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